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This program (a successor and complete version of our free app, with more than 17.800 downloads and Google Play 4.4-star) allows, in a simple way, to calculate expenses of your vehicles comparing with two different fuels you specified (gasoline and ethanol, gasoline and gas, two types of gasoline, two different octanes, two fuel branches, etc.) or considering different cars and/or route types (city and highway, for example), estimating the cheaper option, depending on fuel prices and consumptions. Even if you use only one fuel, this program will be useful to calculate expenses.
Configure your language (languages supported in this release: English, Spanish and Portuguese), currency, names of vehicles, names of fuels, consumptions. If you entered both consumption values of a vehicle (and/or route) then the program will obtain more accurate results. If consumptions are omitted this program will consider an approximated relation between fuel prices (and consumptions): Comb2/Comb1=0,7 (70%) or another you specified.
Press arrows to alter values or select vehicles, or enter values by using the keyboard of your device.
Plan: enter the distance of a trip (or week, month or annual distance) in order to calculate the necessary spending (fuel and money).